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Fishing videos from LAGUNA FP LTD. (Europe)


Put some 'wobble' into your predator bait & lures with the brilliant new
Laguna wobble stik

Is this the perfect Cheese paste?
Cheese paste for Chub by Christian Barker


Aqua-SPAWN™ by LaGuna - a low weight & buoyant jelly-like hookbait - "realistic Synthetic spawn"

Suitable for all coarse fish species including carp.

The Barbel Societies handling code.
The video is very well done and contains some really good info for both novice and seasoned anglers alike. Can equally apply to other species too.

Aqua-SPAWN ™

Aqua-SPAWN (mouse over)Aqua-SPAWN
The World's first "realistic Synthetic spawn"
Suitable for all coarse fish species including carp!
Natural or flavoured 4-15mm


about Product: CHUMGUMCHUMGUM ™ is an expanding paste that actually grows in the water. Simply mix stiff with any salt-free dry powder base for less mess and fast action.


PONDBOND (mouse over)PONDBOND ™ is a fantastic water based glue. A powerful bonding agent for binding groundbaits, powders and particles. Also great for making boilie shaped baits- without eggs or boiling!

What's next?


The SAC™ concept has just been announced with the introduction of SAC juice "bait activator"

Then what?


The SAC (PS)™ - coming soon!
The most environmentally friendly bait possible (no joke). * Patent Pending

The SPLITSTOP™ - is here!
Adjustable - no-loop - hair-rigging!