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SPLITSTOP™ - versatile large bait stops, meat stops and more...!


Invented by LAGUNA

Can be used with (or without) hair loops, adjusts your hair length/hook link etc.

SPLITSTOP bait stopsat a glance...

1. large dumbbell size for big baits, meat and cheese
2. easily concealed in the bait for optimum stealth
3. transforms > into meat stops
4. transforms > into paste & bread flake anchors
5. easily secured with (or without) tying hair loops
6. for use with (or without) a baiting needle
7. semi-fixed onto the mainline creates a 'safe' in-line bolt rig
8. auto-assisted baiting up with the 'no-needle' sPUNCH™ tool
9. use SPLITSTOP's™ to change the length of the hook link - without breaking the rig down!
10. use SPLITSTOP's™ to change the length of the hair - without breaking the rig down!
11 use them directly on the hook as an artificial 'band-less' pellet
and much more...

simple and very clever!
*FREE illustrated booklet included

SPLITSTOP bait stops for fishing SPLITSTOP slide on hair

You can use this product: WITH or WITHOUT a hair-loop or Needle!

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SPLITSTOP™ 10 pieces + FREE illustrated booklet.

Larger than average clever bait stops - for casting big meat, pre-drilled baits, sPUNCH (hole punched) and soft hookbait's (can be embedded inside the bait for optimum stealth).

SPLITSTOP's ™ (10 pieces)

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SPLITSTOP™ 10 pieces + FREE illustrated booklet



No hair loop or baiting needle required...

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Our Consultant: Alan Osborne
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