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SAC™ juice (bait activator) - 100% pure Glycerites!

Available in 50ml & 10ml bottles

SAC juice 50ml

You simply CAN'T buy a better juice!

SAC juice (real-food extracts)
amino-fortified glycerite and predigest
100% pure alcohol-free Glycerites. A potent
bait activator for boilie's and pellets, adding to the mix, groundbait, paste, SPAWN, stick and method - produced using real enzymes!

SAC juice 10ml

Glycerites - Next generation liquid additives - developed by LaGuna

Q. Why doesn't SAC™ juice smell over-powering or artificial like other liquids?

A. The natural aroma and subtle esters attract fish without spooking, they only contain real-food ingredients that are designed for one purpose - to catch fish!

We believe that fish instinctively know what is REAL and they prefer it.

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SAC™ juice...
What is it, why is it different?

SAC™ juice is a Glycerite - a real-food extract made without alcohol at low temperatures. Its everything you might associate with being 'natural'... the flavours and ingredients are all natural and the liquid carrier is all natural too.


We believe that fish instinctively know what is REAL and they prefer it.


SAC™ juice 'activates' your bait with detectable soluble ingredients, does NOT easily 'blow' or 'spook' - it continues to work time after time and gets fish feeding confidently.

SAC™ juice works so well because it's recognised as 'real' food, its pulling power is great, the smell is subtle and naturally attractive to all fish.


The extraction and predigestion process puts back and replenishes some of the beneficial nutrients such as amino acids, minerals and vitamins normally lost through boiling and other processes - SAC™ juice a Glycerite is valued for its medicinal or therapeutic properties, flavour, palatability and/or scent.


SAC™ juice is suitable for and will "activate" and enhance any real food bait item, long-term and HNV type baits and is proved to work in any climate.


SAC™ juice is a true 'Glycerite', the first liquid bait additive of its kind in the world
Developed by LaGuna with an estimated shelf life of over 20 years, its unrivalled in the industry!


Check out our F.A.Q's page for more about this great product



SAC™ juice real food extracts, You simply CAN'T buy a better juice!

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Our unique formula provides:

1. Maximum preservative properties
2. Maximum extractive yield
3. Maximum Biota/biotic activity
4. Maximum anti-freeze properties

SAC™ juice has been formulated to the above criteria.

*Clearly fish do not swim in ice blocks, but at low temperatures, SAC™ juice has the ability to protect the baits integrity and remain active longer by resisting dilution for a longer period of time.

Amino acids are still detectable too. Surrounding water molecules moving slowly when cold and acting on the "warmer molecules" within the bait, heat diffuses from the hot environment to the cold so flavour will still leech but because of the products composition the reaction will last longer. SAC™ juice is not just a winter bait and remains active in all temperatures ranging from -46.5 (°C) to 37.0 (°C).

SAC™ juice (bait activator)
"They know what they want"!

Aqua-SPAWN ™

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Natural or flavoured 4-15mm



Not just a bait stop, cleverly designed and versatile...


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Our Consultant: Alan Osborne


What's to come?


The most environmentally friendly bait possible (no joke). * Patent Pending

The SPLITSTOP™ - is here!
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