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PONDBOND™ - Edible glue & Binder for fishing baits

For binding ground baits, powders, crushed particles, egg-free baits and more!

PONDBOND water-based, edible fishing glue Improved snotty-elastic formula PONDBOND™ is a fantastic water based glue and binder for making paste, mixing directly with base mixes, ground baits/method mixes, powders and crushed particles. It is an excellent replacement for eggs used in bait making for soluble long shelf-life boilie-shaped baits and soft hookers - without eggs or boiling.

When making up ground bait balls and method mixes; simply mix with any dry or damp powder base for great holding power in mid air! The product can be used cold or warmed (optional) using a heated water bath to aid kneading stiff dough balls and base mixes.

(Food grade, safe & Water based)


PONDBOND™ is a soluble, edible glue which dissolves in the lake or river allowing the natural flavours to leech from the bait over the course of several hours.

PONDBOND™ is used exclusively by Laguna in our BUNKERS egg-free bait range.


What else is it used for?

PONDBOND™ is used instead of water to make a long lasting paste, egg-free fishing baits and more...

How to make boilie-shaped baits (without eggs or boiling)

To make around 60 x 12mm boilie-shaped baits...

1. Weigh and Mix 50g of PONDBOND™ (cold or warm) with 50-60g dry powder/base mix to form a soft, tack-free dough

2. Roll into shape and set aside until they become dry to the touch

3. Place your freshly made baits into an airtight container or sealed plastic bag.


*Store sealed in a cool dark place and out of direct sunlight for best results.

Air-dried baits made correctly with PONDBOND™ have a thin outer skin and a soft centre, with a long natural shelf-life. *Instructions provided.


How to make long shelf-life paste baits

To make a long shelf-life paste simply weigh and Mix 50g of PONDBOND™ (cold or warm) with around 50-60g dry powder/base mix to form a soft, tack-free dough and bag up to prevent drying. You can add more or less PONDBOND™ or powder at any stage to acheive the desired consistency.


Say goodbye to eggs and boiling!
Traditional boilies made with boiled eggs don't break down easily and have a tendency for mould growth and 'locked in' flavours.
PONDBOND™ is a water-soluble (edible glue) which allows the natural flavours to leech from the bait - achieving that 'washed-out look' in minutes.

Baits made with PONDBOND™ have a higher natural shelf-life than boiled baits made with eggs.

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