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An 'expanding' medium for superior paste fishing & bagging wagglers!

Aqua-SPAWNCHUMGUM ™ is a thick viscous expanding paste medium that actually 'GROWS' (expands) in the water releasing flavour and particles!

Simply mix stiff with any salt-free dry powder base for less mess and fast action.

(Water reacting)



CHUMGUM ™ is manufactured exclusively by: LAGUNA FP LTD. http://www.lagunafp.eu

Suitable for all coarse fish species including carp.
Stiff mix = fast action - very effective! (recommended)
Sticky = longer hook stay, messy - less effective!

What is it?
Paste fishing with CHUMGUM ™ is an easy method using various dry powdered baits mixed into a stiff (non sticky) paste and then moulded around your hook to conceal it.

Wrapped around boilie's and pellets as a convenient feed delivery/rig concealment method.

Used on the bottom or up in the water - will not affect float buoyancy when expanded.

Can be used with a bagging waggler mix for a controlled particle release method.

Tips: When paste fishing for bottom feeding fish like carp, you should plumb the depth accurately and use a rig fished over depth with the bulk shot set about 6-8" from the hook.
When fishing without shotting your float can be pre-loaded or self cocking with the weight of the paste pinning the rig dead bottom. Allowing the paste to pin your rig down will result in your float rising, going under or sailing away when a fish takes it.

To help avoid liners and nuisance fish when targeting carp on the bottom, we recommend using a large hook concealed with CHUMGUM ™ and feeding micro pellets or particles 2-3 feet away.

Up in the water: When fishing up in the water, CHUMGUM ™ can be moulded around your hook suspended below your float or used with a bagging waggler.
CHUMGUM ™ is especially effective when fishing up in the water as your stiff (non sticky) paste mix will rapidly absorb water, soften and expand; releasing flavour and particles all down through the water column - creating a fantastic attraction for all coarse fish species. (better than a traditional sticky mix!)


Depending on your powder mix ratio: CHUMGUM ™ will rapidly soften and expand to more than twice its original size - but will not increase float buoyancy load.


Stiff mix = fast action - very effective! (recommended)

Sticky = longer hook stay, messy - less effective!

Suggested powders/particles: brown crumb, crushed hemp, powdered vitalin, fishmeal, ground-up pellets, powdered liver, wheatgerm, powdered molasses, powdered egg, powdered milk, powdered bloodworm, powdered joker, robin red ™, herbs and spices etc.

Aqua-SPAWN ™

Aqua-SPAWN (mouse over)Aqua-SPAWN
The World's first "realistic Synthetic spawn"
Suitable for all coarse fish species including carp!
Natural or flavoured 4-15mm

SAC ™ juice

about Product: CHUMGUMSAC™ juice is a true 'Glycerite', the first of its kind in the world with an estimated shelf life of over 20 years!

100% pure alcohol-free Glycerites...


PONDBOND (mouse over)PONDBOND ™ is a fantastic water based glue. A powerful bonding agent for binding groundbaits, powders and particles. Also great for making boilie shaped baits- without eggs or boiling!

What's next?


The SAC™ concept has just been announced with the introduction of SAC juice "bait activator"
amino fortified glycerite and pre-digest (28 real food extracts)!

Then what?


The SAC (PS)™ - coming soon!
The most environmentally friendly bait possible (no joke). * Patent Pending

The SPLITSTOP™ - is here!
Adjustable - no-loop - hair-rigging!