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Aqua-SPAWNand SEASPAWN™ (soft fish egg hookers) catches virtually any fish!
Irresistible fish egg hookbaits complete with an embryo - Realistic synthetic spawn that self expands to 15mm and 25mm respectively. more...
  SPAWN bait SPAWN Bait

SPLITSTOP™ (bait stops - meat stops - bait anchors etc.)
A unique and versatile product by Laguna.
Designed to help anglers bait up more quickly with or without hair loops or needles, adjustable hair-rig... more...

  SPLITSTOP bait stops

SAC juice (bait activator) very high quality additives!
Made with active digestive enzymes and live biotic organisms that helps fish locate your bait naturally.
100% natural extracts (nothing artificial added), the first of its kind with truly superior 20 years+ shelf life.
Especially good for low temperature fishing. Loads of different flavours, low natural odor, potent bait activator for all kinds of baits - PVA friendly. more...
SAC juice bait activator SAC juice Glycerites

Crispy Maggots(krilled, Preserved & Smelly) dead maggots!
Natually preserved dead maggots loved by carp, roach, tench and all coarse species - these little fella's could give the match/pleasure angler that all important edge! more...


New Green formula PONDBOND (glue) water-based, for sticky, soft & rock hard baits!
A fantastic water based glue and powerful binder for ground bait, powders, pellets and particles. Also great for making boilie shaped baits - without eggs or boiling! more...

  PONDBOND water-based, edible fishing glue for fishing baits

sPUNCH(baiting tool) versatile hole punch and tiny sausage maker!
Our sPUNCH is a baiting tool (threads the hair/stop through the bait), a core-punch plus an extruder that creates perfect 3mm sausage hookbaits from a stack of sliced bread, meat, cheese, firm fruits and prepared nuts.

More than just a punch! more...

  sPUNCH tool

CHUMGUM (paste)
An expanding paste medium that actually expands like magic in water releasing flavour and particles.
This stuff will change the way you think about your paste fishing for ever. (water reacting) more...


DINNERbell (pre-mixed and predigested) method mix!
A pre-mixed and riddled groundbait that is ready to use straight from the bag - no water required! more...



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"May all your fishes be bigger tomorrow"!


Aqua-SPAWN ™

about Product: Aqua-SPAWNAqua-SPAWN
"realistic synthetic spawn"
for all coarse fish including carp, natural or flavoured 4-15mm



No hair loop or baiting needle required!

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about Product: PONDBONDPONDBOND ™ a fantastic water-based edible glue for paste ground baits and boilie shaped baits - without eggs or boiling!

Our Consultant: Alan Osborne


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Lots more to see in our shop >>> HERE