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  Newsletter: March 2013

What a busy few weeks its been since our last newsletter!

Winter still seems ever present with all the rain and snow, but at least Spring is now within sight and we have some fantastic news for angler's - Free Rod Licence's, New products, Reviews and Articles to feast your eyes over plus Discount codes and Vouchers for everyone!

This is the first newsletter in a good long while but we think its been worth the wait... we have some really exciting news...

First up...

  • Last Autumn, Top angler & Guide; William Barnard was inspired to send us an article he had written in pursuit of his beloved grayling and (thanks to Beverley Clifford) managed to get a full 3-page spread in Coarse Angling Today magazine!
    What was his secret? Will reveals all...

  • FREE Rod Licence fees in the way of a refund with Cashback!
    Now that REALLY is nice isn't it?

  • We welcome Top experienced Match angler and Coach Mark Brewster as an article writer, contributor, tackle and bait tester...

  • Ace Specimen angler Christian Barker is now known colloquially as "The Banana Man" - its a much deserved title!

  • Join our Facebook page where you can catch up with all the latest and grab a discount...

  • New live bookmark & products feed AP

  • New exciting Products including:

    • SAC juice (28 flavours) Glycerites - next generation liquid additives!

    • 'Crispy Maggots' - a big hit with anglers, full of embalming flavour - Krilled, Preserved and Smelly!

    • SPLITSTOP's - the biggest innovation since the hair rig?


Christian Barker aka "The Banana Man" has been in pursuit of Chub on the Gipping using our Banana SAC juice but he needn't be disappointed...
- it rewarded him with a real 'Red letter day'!
His article; "Gipping Chub with a Taste for Banana Cheese Paste! has since been published in Drennan International

Mark Brewster is on board!
Mark (Father to Abi Brewster of AT fame) is one of the countries well known and respected match anglers, licensed coach, Gipping Valley AC & Suffolk County AAA Club treasurer for 21 years, and when he's not fishing or teaching he spends his time organizing matches and re-elasticating top kits! With precious little time left, Mark has our sympathies (especially teaching the youth), but, being the gentleman he is, has nonetheless agreed to update us occasionally with his catch reports! His valuable time and expert opinion on all things fishing related is very much welcomed. You can contact Mark on our Facebook page HERE and see the success he's recently been having with our SAC juice.

Will Barnard - Testing our Aqua-SPAWN eggs on the "Test"
Will Barnard reviews Aqua-SPAWN and has a BIG bumper session on the river Test catching, not one, but three different species with just one bait - Chub, Grayling and Salmon!
Will is no stranger when it comes to testing out new methods and baits and catches big time down on the chalk stream.
Will's article; "How I rediscovered the forgotten Art of Spawn Fishing" is a must read for everyone - inspiring stuff!
In case you missed the print edition in CAT, you can download the original article here: http://www.lagunafp.eu/articles.html

Christian Barker who kindly administers our Facebook page was ecstatic a few weeks ago when he managed no less than 5 big chub in one session all of which fell for our Banana SAC juice "bait activators".
SAC juice is a 'Glycerite' (28 different flavours), made with enzymes and thought to be the first of its kind in the world, "Glycerites - Next generation liquid additives". Check it out here: http://www.lagunafp.eu/products/SACjuice.html

Also available and tested (really getting hammered at the moment) - Bread soaked in Blue Cheese SAC juice by Christian and Mark Brewster!
It's a "Special Edition" and has accounted for the downfall of some good fish, its really doing the business, check out our Facebook page "Like and Share" please if you can thank you!

Christian has also been smelling the house out with our new "Crispy Maggots" (WARNING... they stink to high heaven!) we can certainly vouch for that, and so can his wife apparently! we'll leave that story for him to explain in a bit more detail, or another time perhaps... but definitely loved by carp, roach, tench and all coarse species - these little fella's could give the match/pleasure angler that all important edge! Crispies' Krilled, Preserved & Smelly!


Will Barnard's product review: SPLITSTOP

"The biggest innovation since the hair-rig"?
Our SPLITSTOP bait/boilie stops have recently captured the imagination of anglers up and down the country but why is that?
What's so good about a bait/boilie stop anyway.... they're all the same surely?

Its partly because this product 'turns out' (literally can be turned-inside-out) to be not just a bait/boilie stop after all!
They can be used as a traditional dumbbell stop with a hair-loop just as you would with any other bait/boilie stop on the market but, and here's the kicker... SPLITSTOP's can be opened out either; partly as a meat-stop or flat into a crucifix which is ideal for holding paste and bread flake on the hook!
SPLITSTOP bait/boilie stops

They can also be used as a 'safe' semi-fixed bolt rig for roach (there's a little hole through the middle where you thread the mainline), or can be used with or without a baiting needle - plus there's no need to tie those little hair-loops anymore either!

Is that all?
You might well ask.... well, actually, there is something else you might find interesting about our SPLITSTOP's

Maybe Will Barnard is right, it could be; "The biggest innovation since the hair rig"!
But if your not yet convinced (seen it all before) -
Adjustable length hair rigs anyone?

It's all true, it delivers what it promises to do and is currently on sale for just 99p with your discount code. http://www.lagunafp.eu/products/SPLITSTOP.html

Discounts Galore!
That brings us onto the subject of discounts.... and who likes to pay FULL price anyway?
Our new Shopping Cart now accepts discount codes, get the latest codes & vouchers from our Facebook page or use the ones given to you and save BIG at checkout!
New codes and discounts are also available from our Agents and Contributors.
(Please Contact Us HERE if you have a website, blog, write articles etc. or wish to advertise our discount codes & coupons)

In Development
As some of you will know; we have many new products in the pipeline...
Our next one; "The sPUNCH" is still being 'tweaked' a little but we are hoping to make the announcement real soon!
Look out for them, it's a punch tool that creates a neat 3mm little hole (ready for the hair) in bait like soft cheese, SPAWN and meat.
- They also work better than the standard design of a bread or meat punch too - we think you'll like them!

and finally...

FREE Rod Licence's!FREE Rod Licence
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With the new coarse season just days away...

What would you say to a FREE Rod Licence?
We're not sure if this has ever been done before in the UK, but this is surely an offer NO Angler can afford to ignore!
- a Free Annual Rod Licence worth up to £27.00

Rod Fishing Licence's are valid from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014
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Hurry! Cashback offer available until 25th April 2013 only. T&C apply. Please look for further announcements in the press and details on our website: www.lagunafp.eu/news/free-rod-licence.html

Thanks for all your continued support and until next time...

" May all your fishes be bigger tomorrow "!




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