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SAC™ Juice 'bait activator' 150ml

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* NEW 150ml size pouch

LAGUNA SAC™ juice is 100% Natural!

You simply CAN'T buy a better juice!

SAC™ juice Blue Cheese (Special Edition)
Amino-fortified Glycerite and predigest. 100% pure alcohol-free Glycerite - a potent bait activator for boilie's and pellets, adding to the mix, groundbait, paste, stick and method - produced using real enzymes!

Contains live biota/biotics (active friendly bacteria and organisms) at the manufacturing stage plus all 10 essential amino acids that fish require. Will not freeze!

Blue Cheese (Special Edition) perfect with cheese and bread paste for chub and barbel

"They know what they want"!

 PVA friendly

Detected by fish in summer and winter

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