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SAC™ Juice x5 blue cheese 10ml
[x5 blue chee]

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* SPECIAL OFFER 5x blue cheese 10ml size dropper bottles - our BEST SELLING EXTRACTS

LAGUNA SAC™ juice is 100% Natural containing live cultures!

You simply CAN'T buy a better juice!

SAC™ juice (real-food extracts)
amino-fortified Glycerite and predigest. 100% pure alcohol-free Glycerites - a potent bait activator for boilie's and pellets, adding to the mix, groundbait, paste, stick and method - produced using real enzymes!

Designed to be; “truly active” - similar to the functions of a probiotic. Even live and natural baits can be 'activated' with SAC™ juice as they contain live biota/biotics (active friendly bacteria and organisms) at the manufacturing stage plus all 10 essential amino acids that fish require to survive.

ecommended levels of inclusion:

  • Live baits Due to the powerful extractive nature of SAC™ juice we recommend adding just 10ml per 1 pint of live maggots or 5ml per tub of worms

  • Pellets 10% as a Soak And Coat, can be used neat with trout, halibut or expanders mixed with water

  • Boilies 10% as a Soak And Coat - after the boiling process to activate and revitalize lost nutrients

  • Paste 10% of the liquid used, increases solubility and helps prevent freezing

  • Groundbaits 10% mixed with water

* Fish will never spook from these like they may from synthetically created flavours enabling you to add higher levels to boilies, paste and pellets without the fear of overdosing.

More available options: (10ml bottles choose from menu)

  • Blue Cheese (Special Edition) perfect with cheese and bread paste for chub and barbel

  • Banana - Chub love Banana, try it as a Soak And Coat on Halibut pellets and paste

  • Krill - Perfect for carp, use as a boilie and pellet dip, Soak And Coat

  • Strawberry - Carp, Bream and Tench love real strawberry extracts

  • Lots more Extracts available - suitable for a wide variety of baits and species for all-year-round fishing


"They know what they want"!

 PVA friendly

Detected by fish in summer and winter
works in all temperatures | revitalises and activates | replenishes lost nutrients lost through boiling

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