Ever seen a Kite catch fish?

PRESS RELEASE 1st April 2011 (No joke)

Ever seen a Kite catch fish?

Me neither until the other day, in fact I never knew they did or even could catch fish and only knew that they hunted for field mice, voles or the occasional small rabbit!

We were fishing all day on Tuesday testing our Aqua-SPAWN ™ product at the 60 peg fishery on the top match lake at Sunrise lakes (Yorkshire).

Late into the afternoon I heard a flapping sound across to my left and was astounded to see a large adult red kite emerge from the peg right next to Alan our consultant. It appeared from behind some cut reeds at the waters edge and flew over Alan about 10ft above his head in a sweeping circle back towards the water where it must have been hiding all day. But instead of landing it skimmed the top of the water catching a small fish with its talons and continued upwards into the air and away into the distance with its quarry.

I looked at Alan with my mouth wide open and he looked at me with a similar jaw dropped expression, neither of us could speak. It was the most magnificent thing I have ever witnessed and we were both in awe at what we had just seen. Not only have we never been so close to a kite before, certainly not Alan as he will attest but we were both truly amazed at the fact that a kite can catch fish!

We honestly never knew that they did or indeed could catch fish.
We were left wondering if it was stalking fish all day hiding in amongst the reeds just waiting until the right moment when a fish topped the surface? We never heard nor saw it swoop or land and I think we would both have noticed if it had as it was literally feet away from Alan and only a few more feet away from my peg too, so we can only presume it must have been there when we arrived earlier that morning waiting for the opportune moment to catch a fish?

We went back today Friday April 1st (no it isn’t an April fool joke) to continue some field trials and again we saw some kites hovering high above us, but alas none went fishing…
apart from us that is!

"May all your fishes be bigger tomorrow"!

Chris Wilson

About Aqua-SPAWN ™ http://www.lagunafp.eu/products/Aqua-SPAWN.html

Aqua-SPAWN is a proprietary fishing bait product developed by LAGUNA FP LTD. (Europe).

Aqua-SPAWN ™

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What's next?


The SAC™ concept has just been announced with the introduction of SAC juice "bait activator"
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Then what?


The SAC (PS)™ - coming soon!
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