A brief technical overview (PART 1)

Aqua-SPAWN & the OSMOTIC Pre-Pred system - A brief technical overview

Aqua-SPAWN is a proprietary fishing bait product developed by LAGUNA FP LTD. (Europe).

Aqua-SPAWN is the most absorbent bait available on the market - it is capable of holding 200-400 times its own weight in water/flavouring!


Aqua-SPAWN is available as a dehydrated hook bait - a 'synthetic spawn' (egg/roe) that all fish love to eat. It contains realistic embryonic blood vessels resembling real fertilized fish eggs!
Although Aqua-SPAWN contains no actual food content (only naturally occurring inorganic substances), it does appear very realistic and looks remarkably similar to the 'real thing' (fish egg clusters).


Preparation is by adding a measured amount of cold or warm water, scent and flavouring (optional fish attractant) to the dehydrated product - producing a variably sized hook bait causing the clusters to 'activate' and expand fully within 2-6 hours depending on water temperature/additives used.

Generally; warm water will cause a faster chemical response but equally, using cold water will still (over a longer time period) produce the same sized hook bait desired.


Activating procedures - flavours, scents and additives may be diluted first into a measured amount of cold or warm water and stirred prior to activating & rehydrating the product. Concentrations can be adjusted depending on the bait size required.

Suggested gauging water: At home; separately mix 50-100ml of warm or cold tap water to 1 or more tablespoons of flavoured additive. Pour the whole mixture into the supplied container (without stirring) - allow to soak until all the liquid has been absorbed.


For use as a homemade DIY hook bait and hair rigging - with thousands of flavour possibilities.

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Aqua-SPAWN ™

Aqua-SPAWN (mouse over)Aqua-SPAWN
The World's first "realistic Synthetic spawn"
Suitable for all coarse fish species including carp!
Natural or flavoured 4-15mm


about Product: CHUMGUMCHUMGUM ™ is an expanding paste that actually grows in the water. Simply mix stiff with any salt-free dry powder base for less mess and fast action.


PONDBOND (mouse over)PONDBOND ™ is a fantastic water based glue. A powerful bonding agent for binding groundbaits, powders and particles. Also great for making boilie shaped baits- without eggs or boiling!

What's next?


The SAC™ concept has just been announced with the introduction of SAC juice "bait activator"
amino fortified glycerite and pre-digest (28 real food extracts)!

Then what?


The SAC (PS)™ - coming soon!
The most environmentally friendly bait possible (no joke). * Patent Pending

The SPLITSTOP™ - is here!
Adjustable - no-loop - hair-rigging!